You Can Buy It At Wal-Mart For $1.98

Shot with a Canon Rebel T7 by someone with zero experience

The ornament, that is, although the joy can come free with purchase if you want it to.

I didn’t know I did until I saw it hanging on the tree.

I had a plan, if you can call it that, maybe just an idea – unless I find the missing box of ornaments the tree will stay bare until I can afford one of the wonderful bee ornaments that can be found at Amazon or Etsy. With that in mind I took a chance when I was ordering groceries, to see if Hell Wal-Mart might deliver me a bee along with my dinner. No, but they did offer glittery wings, and hey, why not? $1.98, might as well.

They are way bigger than I expected – full hand size, palm to tips – and they look like, well, 2 buck wings from Wally World … but once they were on the tree, once they were nestled in with the greenery and lights, beautiful. Joyous even. Simply joyous.

So yeah, I didn’t expect the first ornament I would buy for my tree to be glittery wings, but they fit, somehow. Cheap and a little gaudy, until you give them some love. Kind of like Charlie Brown’s tree. Kind of like me.

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Interlude/Stuck on You

Third day in a row. Was I more surprised when you showed up again, or when the washing machine showing up at my door finally made sense?

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, don’t know how to contain this fire. I’ve missed you like air, like water, like veins crying out for the presence of blood, thick and coursing red.

I’ve missed you. I’ve missed who I am when I’m with you. I’ve missed riding the train to meet you, missed the magic and the mayhem and the moondance.

This adventure is going to be so much better with you along for the ride.

Hail to you Loki, to the fire in your eyes and the warmth in your presence.