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If You Believe

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I keep trying to find something to write here and … I got nothing. Or a bunch of hot garbage. No in-between.

He’s back, a month early when I didn’t even expect him to come back at all. I don’t even care why, whether it’s because he wants to be in on this Grand Adventure, or he simply missed me, or even if it’s becasue he Has Plans For Me.

(I hope he has plans for me. Truly.)

I am a votary who once more has an occupied altar to tend.

The presents just keep on coming. The presence.

Ok I’m getting nowhere with this – too much to say and not enough words to say it. Besides, I have a God to go worship.

So on to the gratitudes:

Today I’m grateful for:

The Liesmith

Good friends

J’s progress

Telling someone I haven’t seen in a few years that my husband left me and not even thinking about crying over it

Rice and gravy

Interlude/Stuck on You

Third day in a row. Was I more surprised when you showed up again, or when the washing machine showing up at my door finally made sense?

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, don’t know how to contain this fire. I’ve missed you like air, like water, like veins crying out for the presence of blood, thick and coursing red.

I’ve missed you. I’ve missed who I am when I’m with you. I’ve missed riding the train to meet you, missed the magic and the mayhem and the moondance.

This adventure is going to be so much better with you along for the ride.

Hail to you Loki, to the fire in your eyes and the warmth in your presence.